Aucuba japonica ‘Variegata’

The Aucuba is an evergreen shrub really more suitable for the garden than indoors, where it is better considered a temporary visitor. Besides the variegated species, there is the plain green variety, of the two the former is more attractive for indoor cultivation. Excellent plants can be grown in normally heated rooms. To achieve this, sponge the leaves weekly with a moist sponge and spray daily with tepid water. Keep the soil in the pot well watered. This plant does extremely well in unheated but frost free rooms. The green variety is even easier to grow and can effectively be kept in a cool, dark hall, even though it appreciates a lighter position.

Aucuba japonica
If the atmosphere is too dry, the plant starts to shed its leaves. This will happen to some degree in any case during the winter. During early spring the plant can be trimmed and repotted, using ordinary good quality potting compost Propagation can be done by taking cuttings; use a sandy compost which is particularly suitable for the rooting of cuttings and is freely available in shops.
If the plant is reluctant to grow, it should be planted out of doors but in a very shady position and never in the autumn or winter. It needs plenty of space because it will develop to a sizeable shrub.


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