Cissus antarctica

Cissus antarctica is better known as the Kangaroo vine. It is an excellent plant, a real climber which you will enjoy tremendously. It may cover an entire wall, but if things get out of hand, heavy pruning does not harm it in the slightest. It is best to do this in early spring. However, if your pictures are in danger in the autumn, the long shoots may be removed.

Cissus antarctica
This plant thrives in a humid atmosphere and the leaves should be kept moist with daily spraying. If you do not wish the long shoots to be supported directly against the wall you can erect a free-standing trellis, or hang a net, since its rapid growth will cover these quickly and enhance the decorative effect.
Cissus may be propagated by taking cuttings. This may be done at any time throughout the year. Young shoots, of approximately 4 inches, are placed in a jam jar filled with water and when sufficient roots have developed, each plant can be potted separately in nourishing potting compost. Cissus grows almost anywhere. If it is not too warm, it does extremely well in a living room, although if the atmosphere is too dry, it may shed its leaves. The best results are achieved in a moderately warm room. The soil in the pot should be kept well moistened. If the growth is insufficient, encouragement may be given by a little liquid manure every other week. The plant needs protection against strong sunlight but requires a light position. The florist usually supplies this plant in too small a pot, therefore repot fairly quickly.


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