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This is one of the best-known heathers, and there are many different varieties ranging in size from about 4in (10cm) to 24in (60cm) and more, with evergreen foliage in colours that include gold, orange, bronze, grey-green, and green.  The typical heather flowers come in shades of purple, pink, red, and white.  Flowering time is from mid summer to late autumn.

Callunas do well in exposed and coastal areas, where they are especially useful ground covers.  They do, however, demand an acid soil to do really well, though you can expect reasonable results on a neutral soil.

Clip over the plants with shears in spring, to maintain a compact, bushy habit.

Uses Heathers can be very useful for banks, but are also popular as ground cover in beds of dwarf conifers.  Try them in bold drifts in the front of a sunny shrub border.